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Gordon Ramsay’s “The F Word” is NOW CASTING

Good Afternoon,   My name is Nicole and I’m a Casting Associate for FOX’s “The F Word,” a new live cooking show from Gordon Ramsay where teams of four compete for a huge cash prize!   I am writing you because we are searching nationwide for teams of people who love to cook and want to …

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This Saturday (12/10/16), decorate an ornament for the tree. All ages are welcome.

 Come and decorate an ornament on Saturday afternoon from 2-4 PM at our shop. All ages are welcome. $2 per cupcake  The Arctic Scoop 841 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy 502-409-6602  

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New Soy Recipe

We have a new recipe for Soy Ice Cream. It is Vegan and Non-GMO and is delicious!! I even like it better than our Almond Cream. There are millions of flavor combinations that can be made with our Soy Base.

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Share Your Treats!!!

I have a new favorite cookie. Get your kids candy and make cookies out of them. You don’t have to steal their candy; just tell them you are going to make cookies out of them. Once they taste these treats, they won’t mind if you eat some cookies. Start with a basic chocolate chip cookie …

Introducing our new line of cupcakes

We would like everybody to try our new line of cupcakes. Chocolate Temptation Red Velvet Fantasy Caramel Apple Addiction Orange Delish New flavors will rotate in. Special Orders are accepted. Please bring the coupon with you. On any given day, not all flavors may be available. The Arctic Scoop.

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Avoiding Hurstbourne Pkwy

Rush hour on Hurstbourne can be heavy, so here are ways to get around driving on Hurstbourne.  This will help you get to The Arctic Scoop, but I hope you will be able to use it to get to any of the destinations on Hurstbourne.   From Lyndon Lane East on Nottingham Pkwy Left on …

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What is the difference between Ice Cream, Custard, Gelato, Yogurt, Sorbet and Sherbet?

Ice Cream must contain 10% milk fat. The department of Agriculture sets standards for what can be considered Ice Cream. When ice cream is being made, it is whipped and this adds air, which increases its volume and fluffiness. Less expensive brands will have more air whipped in, than better brands. The premium brands will …

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Food allergens

There seems to be more and more sensitivities to food every day. We make it our mission to know what is in our product and to help everyone have a dessert that they can enjoy.   Since we make most of our products from scratch, we can tell you what is present in them.   …

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Who invented ice cream?

Who invented Ice Cream? Details are not clear about the origin of ice cream. An Italian, Giambattista della Porta wrote a book in 1558 titled Magia Naturalis, which translates to Natural Magic. This book tells how to lower the freezing point of ice.  It is unknown if he ever used this knowledge to make Ice …

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Cool Treats for Pets

Most dogs and cats are lactose intolerant, Yogurt has less lactose than ice cream, so it has been a treat for pets, but some pets may still experience stomach pains or diarrhea from dairy treats. The Arctic Scoop has made treats that are non-dairy and full of yummy things that are good for your pal.  …