Is Nitrogen Safe?

We freeze Ice Cream with liquid nitrogen.  Nitrogen is 78 % of the air we breathe and the liquid is a colder form of nitrogen. The fog that occurs when you put
liquid nitrogen on the cream is from the warming of the nitrogen.  The
liquid is so cold; it boils away into a gas.  The properties are very similar to water.
Water turns to steam when it boils.

Liquid nitrogen has been used in food for a long time.  Dippin Dots are
frozen this way.  I keep seeing more and more companies use it in factories,
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Dole use it to flash freeze food.  The most
common uses with food would be to flash freeze or to vacuum pack packages.
In packages liquid nitrogen is used to displace oxygen so that food lasts
longer.  The oxygen in air is what makes food go bad.  Nitrogen is the good

You will not find nitrogen on labels because it is a freezing agent.  As the
liquid warms it becomes a gas, nothing is left behind in the food.

Nitrogen is an inert gas; it reacts with nothing, and is odorless and

Liquid Nitrogen is safe when used with food. Do not try to deal with liquid nitrogen at home, leave that part to the professionals.

Come for a free demonstration on Monday, June 15th and learn more about Nitrogen. Demonstrations will be held at 3PM, 4PM, 7PM and 8PM.


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